Wellington Whole Foods Market Exhibit Of Art By Sandra Encaoua

The Wellington Art Society and Whole Foods Market in Wellington are currently showing an exhibit by Sandra Encaoua of her beautiful and unique paintings. The exhibit will be on display until the end of October.

Encaoua was born in Paris and is a well-known and acclaimed artist in France and many other European countries. She began painting and drawing as a young girl, teaching herself to mix several mediums until she had the perfect effect she wanted. She later graduated from a Parisian school of art.

Encaoua sometimes does watercolors when she wants a quick expression of the moment but works mainly in oils on large canvases, as she likes the transparency and vibration of the oils. Her semi-abstract paintings reflect Encaoua’s love of nature and raw elements. Her landscapes and portraits are a mixture of flaming red with sparking white and bright turquoise. Her paintings infer strength, vitality and gentleness.

Encaoua won the 2013 competition of young talent in France and was the featured 2015 “Artist of the Day” on the famous web site Saatchi Art and won the 2017 French Award Arts-Sciences-Letters of the French Academy of Arts-Sciences-Letters in Paris.

Encaoua just recently had an exhibition at the famed Kinor Gallery in Paris. She splits her time between Paris and Miami.

For more information about Wellington Art Society events, visit www.wellingtonartsociety.org.