Delivery Dudes Celebrates 10 Years Of Connecting People And Food

Ten years ago, Delivery Dudes founder Jayson Koss could hardly have imagined that his one-man operation would grow to become a major player in the food delivery business. He started it in Delray Beach in 2009 with just a moped and $50, and now he oversees a multi-million-dollar company that offers on-demand food delivery from the best restaurants in more than 70 cities across the United States.

The secret to the company’s success? Call it “The Way of the Dude.” Other food delivery companies might have more recognizable names, but Delivery Dudes sets itself apart by offering tasty food when and how customers want it, without sacrificing compassion, quality or fun.

The company hires the most reliable drivers, who can be seen cheerfully scootering around South Florida with their bright-red thermal delivery boxes. They partner with a large and thoughtfully curated list of restaurants, including many beloved mom-and-pop establishments that might not otherwise be able to offer delivery services. And while the company embraces the latest technology, customer service is provided by authentic humans.

“It has been a wild ride for the last 10 years,” Koss said. “I am thrilled that our customers have connected so strongly with the brand, allowing Delivery Dudes to experience such huge success in the markets we serve. It proves that sticking to principles and putting customers and quality first will always win out in the end. We’re looking forward to what the next 10 years holds.”

Delivery Dudes never sacrifices its core values for speed or monetary gain. This focus on quality and humanity also extends to the environment, which Delivery Dudes is committed to improving. In South Florida, the company has partnered with the Boca Raton-based ocean cleanup group 4ocean to help reduce the amount of plastic used by customers. When ordering, customers can check the option “4ocean Cutlery Opt-Out,” and plastic utensils won’t be included with their food.

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