Dreyfoos Student Selected To USA International Debate Team

Miles Wang, a sophomore at the A. W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, has been selected to the USA International Debate Team. The USA Debate Team competes against other countries throughout the year, culminating in the World Schools Debating Championships international championship in July. For the past three years, the United States team has finished in the top six at the international championship tournament.

“Our USA Debate Team showcases the best and brightest high school students in our country who represent us at the highest level,” said J. Scott Wunn, executive director of the National Speech & Debate Association. “The 2019-20 team features some absolutely phenomenal speech and debate competitors. I’m certain they’ll continue the incredible achievements of this team.”

As a sophomore, Miles has experience in both World Schools and Congressional Debate. His previous accomplishments include taking first place in World Schools Debate at the Palm Beach Catholic Forensic League tournament and making the final round at the Blue Key Invitational in Congressional Debate.

“Representing my country, while meeting and debating with teams from across the globe, will open my eyes to new viewpoints and also learn more about the world,” Wang said. “Growing up in America, I am excited to see and debate with people from different cultures, and learn about their viewpoints and experiences.”

The USA Debate Team kicks off the season with training in Dallas. The team is coached by National Speech & Debate Hall of Fame coaches Aaron Timmons and Cindi Timmons, who also serves as team manager. Their first international competition will take place in Stuttgart, Germany in November.

For more information, visit www.speechanddebate.org.