TKA’s Conservatory Named In Recognition Of Gift From Jan Smith

TKA President Randal Martin, benefactor Jan Smith and TKA Artistic Director David Snyder.

On Saturday, Oct. 5, the King’s Academy announced the naming of its nationally recognized fine arts program the Smith Family Conservatory of the Arts, in honor of Jan Smith’s generous $1 million gift to endow the program.

Enthusiastic patrons celebrated Smith’s generosity in a memorable fashion. The King’s Academy and Manhattan Concert Productions collaborated to produce the school’s Golden Anniversary Broadway Spectacular. The two sold-out performances featured a school and community wide celebration with Broadway’s best.

Smith is an avid patron of the arts and a tremendous supporter of TKA. Her son Michael is a graduate and grandson Hunter is a current student. Smith has been involved in the school since the early 1980s. Over the years, her generosity has helped the school to rise to the next level of excellence in Christian education.

“Jan’s generous gift to endow the program allows the Smith Family Conservatory of the Arts to continue its tradition of excellence while allowing the program to pursue new endeavors and to provide some of the finest performing arts education in the country,” TKA President Randal Martin said.

Smith’s service and generosity is reflected throughout the school. Her contributions include serving as Grandparent Chair of the Page Center’s Take A Seat Campaign, volunteering with the school’s Friends of the Library, working on the committee to remodel the Rosemary Beaumont Library and school’s clinic, as well as underwriting the Smith Family Laboratory in the Boswell Center for Science & Technology.

“We are so excited to be able to give back to the King’s Academy for all they have given to my family over the last 45 years. They have provided excellent academic, sports and conservatory programs, but more importantly, they have been family,” Smith said. “I know for sure that some of my greatest days are in front of me as I work with David Snyder [the school’s artistic director] and conservatory students as they embark on a journey to discover their hopes and dreams.”