Wellington’s Martin Miller, A True Hero, Can Use Your Help

When local hero Martin Miller heard the pleas of a Wellington neighbor for help, he put his own life on hold and donated a healthy kidney to a complete stranger. Now, Miller has been struck by a truck while training on his bicycle. He is severely injured and could use your help.

Back in June, I interviewed Martin Miller for the Town-Crier. We met along with Scott Lacobs, the man who needed a kidney, over coffee at the Whole Foods Market in Wellington. I was shocked. Maybe I am jaded from dealing with so many “me-first” people and ambitious go-getters. Marty was different; very different. It was a few days before they were to cut a healthy kidney from him. He was calm and poised. He made it clear the main reason he was doing the interview was to help shine light on the plight of people waiting on transplant lists.

“God made us with interchangeable parts,” Miller said that morning over coffee. “He placed it in my heart that there is nothing to worry about. Fear won’t deny me the ability to help another human being.”

I was awe-struck. A gravely ill Lacobs looked closely at Marty as he spoke, perhaps still dumbfounded that a complete stranger was about to save his live — and just when he had almost given up hope.

Martin Miller is an extraordinary man. He might be 5-foot-3, but he runs triathlons, teaches physical education in the Palm Beach County school system, and there isn’t an ounce of fat on his solid 140-pound frame.

The kidney transplant went well, and soon Miller went back to training. On Monday, Sept. 30, in The Acreage, Martin was training on his bicycle when he was hit by a vehicle and seriously injured in an accident that crushed his pelvis, fractured his vertebrae, damaged his bladder and put this Palm Beach County teacher out of work and in the hospital.

In addition to thoughts and prayers, here is how you can help. Visit the GoFundMe account set up to help the family pay for all these unexpected expenses. As of Wednesday, just under $19,000 of the $50,000 requested had been raised. Visit www.gofundme.com/f/marty-miller039s-bike-accident-family-fund (or just search for “Marty Miller” on GoFundMe) to learn more.

His wife Kelly reports on social media that it’s going to be a long and painful recovery. Marty is already out of vacation time. “Keep all the positive thoughts and prayers coming,” she said. “Marty is my hero, and I know he will get through this!”