Berean Christian’s Biotech Students Visit FAU Brain Institute In Jupiter

Berean students visit the FAU Brain Institute.

On Nov. 18, Berean Christian School’s biotechnology class visited the laboratory of Dr. Lucia Carvelli at the FAU Brain Institute in Jupiter. Berean alum André Rajoo planned the tour of the facility and accompanied the biotechnology class throughout the day.

Carvelli’s lab investigates the mechanisms of action from drug use, using C. elegan worms to test the genetics and physiology of the worm after drug exposure. Dr. Sirisha Madem and Rajoo use different methods to research the mechanisms of drug use and its effects on the body in the Carvelli lab.

Throughout the tour, students were able to view the different activities that take place at the FAU Brain Institute. Dr. Etay Aloni, a post-doctoral fellow in a neighboring lab, showed students the mechanisms and uses of a complex Nikon microscope that is used to view detailed parts of a cell. Students also enjoyed dining at the Wilkes Honors College dining hall for lunch.

Students in the biotechnology class felt more interested in the biological research field by the day’s end. They were happy that they were able to learn more about the cutting-edge research and equipment, as well as what takes place in the Carvelli lab.

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