Crestwood Middle School Hosts Veterans Day Appreciation Event

Chorus and handbell director Veronica Johnson and symphonic band director Jeneve Jarvis congratulate each other on their students’ performance.

Crestwood Middle School held a tribute ceremony to honor both veterans and those still serving in the U.S. Armed Forces on Friday, Nov. 8. It was the first year that the school gathered for a Veterans Day event.

Principal Dr. Stephanie Nance was pleased with the new program and the number of participants. In addition to musical performances, students created tokens of appreciation, including notes and eagles, for the guests of honor.

“Turnout was phenomenal. It did my heart good,” Nance said. “Royal Palm Beach is such a wonderful community. It’s family oriented and always supports its schools, and this was just our opportunity to pause and say thank you to all of the veterans and active service members who live in the community.”

The symphonic band performed several songs in conjunction with the chorus and handbell ensemble. Band director Jeneve Jarvis and chorus/bells director Veronica Johnson worked together to present a beautiful, patriotic performance.

“We talk about being good citizens, but what does that look like?” Nance asked. “This is a demonstration of that. Ultimately, our goal is to have these students exit Crestwood Middle School being better citizens in society.”