Garden Club Unveils Blue Star Memorial On Vets Day

Barbara May and Carol Coleman reveal the Wellington Garden Club’s new Blue Star Memorial.

Wellington held its annual Veterans Day observance with a parade and ceremony on Monday, Nov. 11. Also at the event, the Wellington Garden Club sponsored the placement of a Blue Star Memorial, unveiling it to the public at the end of the service at the Wellington Veterans Memorial.

“We are safe because they are brave,” Councilman Michael Drahos said of America’s veterans. “We are strong, because they are willing to fight. We are free because they are victorious. Our veterans exemplify the very best of what it means to be an American.”

American Legion Post 390 Commander Henry Tocci addressed the crowd with inspirational words.

“The American Legion has never believed that America is perfect — just that America is worth fighting for,” he said. “Despite its flaws, America is still the envy of the world and a place where Lincoln promised that a government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

After wreaths for the different service branches were placed, Maria Wolfe of the Wellington Garden Club gave a presentation about the Blue Star Memorial program.

“This is very significant to our club and community, because this will be the first Blue Star Memorial that the Wellington Garden Club has dedicated,” she said.

The Blue Star Memorial program was originally to honor World War II veterans, but it was expanded in 1951 to include all service men and women both past and present. “The tribute line on every Blue Star Memorial marker is, ‘A tribute to the armed forces who have defended the United States of America,’” Wolfe said. “Garden clubs visualized living memorials to help beautify and preserve the country that these men and women fought for.”

Blue Star Memorial markers have been placed across the nation and even in Normandy, France, to honor the servicemen who gave their lives fighting there.