H.L. Johnson Students Pay A Visit To Biztown

Students take part in one of the Biztown activities.

Fifth-grade students at H.L. Johnson Elementary School recently had the opportunity to participate in Junior Achievement’s Biztown.

Biztown is a city where the students have to create a resume, apply for a job, have a job interview, learn how to balance a checkbook, write checks and actually run their position. The day of the event, the mayor of the town, as well as the CEOs of all companies, give speeches about their company and what their company does.

After the opening town meeting, the students all have multiple opportunities to run their position, as well as be a customer in their own city to buy actual goods with their personal checks. Some of the businesses were Publix, McDonald’s, BB&T Bank, a radio station, a veterinarian office, professional services, health services and city hall. The students applied classroom knowledge to real-world situations.