WLMS Hosts Perfect Score Celebration

Forty-six Wellington Landings students achieved perfect scores on one or more of their state standardized tests last year.

Earning a perfect score on a Florida Standards Assessment or an end-of-course exam is a phenomenal achievement. On Nov. 19, Wellington Landings Middle School held a Perfect Score Celebration to recognize 46 students who achieved a perfect score on one or more of their state standardized tests last spring, with several students earning perfect scores on two or three tests.

Friends and family members attended the ceremony, and students were recognized and awarded certificates. The concert chorus, under the direction of Alayna Carver, performed at the ceremony. The school congratulates the following students on their outstanding achievements:

Sixth graders: Merin Ajith, Donald Fennoy, Serena Amro Gazze, Jacob Guzik, Daniella Iglesias, Ella Jiveh, Rayan Kha, Soha Khan, Eli Leblanc, Kirsten Maarsingh, Savannah Main, Melody Pratz, Everett Robertson and Sophia Stechschulte.

Seventh graders: Grace Essery, Jordan Goldberg, Christopher Hoffman, Jasper Hu-Manning, Adrien Llorens, Kelli Martin and Garrett Mitchell.

Eighth graders: Alexa Acosta, Nathaniel Boniforti, Sofia Brescia, Jesse Brodtman, Landon Clements, Mia Cyril, Omar Castillo, Caleb DaSilva, Nicolas DeObaldia, Lorena Del Collado, Sophia Diconza, Jennifer Gormley, Andrew Hynes, Scott Kairalla, Mason Laible, Jaden Mendiondo-Barrio, Isel Neira, Ammar Qasem, Chloe Rabin, Courtney Reid, Hayden Ryan, Isabella Sanchez, Bethany Smith, Tobias Smith and Hannah Teebagy.