Voltaire Design Commemorates 10 Years At Norton Museum Event

The Voltaire Design team celebrates 10 years. Photo by Sportfot

Adorned in blue and white, the Norton Museum of Art hosted hundreds of high-profile equestrians on Monday, Jan. 6 to celebrate Voltaire Design’s first decade of operation, as well as to thank its loyal supporters.

Now an international leader in premium sport saddles thanks to its emphasis on innovation and superior quality, the French brand has grown from humble beginnings in a small garage to its current status as a market powerhouse. Led by co-founder Brice Goguet, the evening featured a lively atmosphere in a creative and modern setting, capped off by Goguet’s unveiling of a series of new innovations released by Voltaire Design.

“The company has evolved, but our DNA remains the same. Our passion is intact. Our core values of kindness, humility, ambition and respect are still the driving force of the company,” said Goguet, one of the four founders of Voltaire Design. “Our riders have made us proud all over the world getting medals at the biggest events, but whether our riders do well at the Olympics, at the World Equestrian Games or at the lower classes, we are always happy because we are a team and a family.”

All supporters of Voltaire Design, the guest list included star equestrians representing nations from nearly every corner of the world, making the event an international affair.

“I’ve been with Voltaire Design since the start. Brice and his team have done an amazing job promoting and growing with new ideas every year. It has been an exciting time with them,” Irish equestrian Shane Sweetnam said. “The stats with the Blue Infinite are great, and also my horses seem to be very comfortable with it.”

Though it was only launched one year ago, the Blue Infinite has already hit the benchmark as the fastest Voltaire Design saddle to reach $1 million in sales. Regarded by many as the most advanced saddle available, the Blue Infinite is the crown jewel of Voltaire Design thus far. Never content with the status quo, Voltaire Design has continued to improve its newest creation.

“The Blue Infinite, on top of being a revolutionary sports saddle, is now a health and fitness companion, which means it gives you the heart rate; it allows you to measure the intensity of the training; you’ll be able to do an electrocardiogram at home; you will be able to count the calories burned; you will be able to know the heart rate at rest; and you will be able to measure the recovery time,” Goguet noted.

Boasting an ActiveFlex tree that will be even lighter than the original model and adapt to the horse, the Blue Infinite is the first saddle of its kind to offer a broad range of data collection to better improve performance and help maintain the health and fitness of horses.

Now with 10 years under its belt and a passion for innovation at its core, Voltaire Design is sure to continue to push the boundaries of saddle design for years to come. For more info., visit www.voltairedesign.com.