Palms West Hospital Getting Ready For A Surge In Patients

Members of the plant operations and security teams assemble the tent, which became the staging area.

As part of its ongoing readiness efforts related to COVID-19, Palms West Hospital recently held a simulation drill to examine and strengthen existing processes, procedures and capabilities to manage an influx of patients that would be in need of emergency care, should there be a surge in patients.

Led by Chief of Emergency Medicine Dr. Richard Giroux, the drill was held outside the emergency room and included staff from multiple disciplines, who went through a series of scenarios, enabling the hospital to test its readiness protocols.

In addition to participation from hospital staff, members of Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue were on site to offer insight regarding the triaging of patients.

Donna Schleffer and Chief of Emergency Medicine Dr. Richard Giroux.
Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue members take part in the drill.
Claudia Mallory, a staff members at Palms West Hospital, pretends to be a patient.