Enviro Equine & Pet Partner Athletes Deliver Lunch To Wellington Sheriff’s Office

Andrew Bourns, Marcia Kulak and Victoria Colvin with PBSO Capt. Rolando Silva.

Enviro Equine & Pet partner athletes Marcia Kulak, Victoria Colvin and Andrew Bourns delivered lunch on Friday, May 1 to the officers and staff at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office District 8 substation in Wellington, where they were warmly received by Capt. Rolando Silva and his fellow officers. The group also plans to donate to local hospitals and food banks.

Marcia Kulak, an Enviro Equine partner athlete, explained why she and other EE partner athletes raised money to provide lunch to Wellington’s PBSO personnel.

“We all feel that Wellington gives a lot back to the equestrian community every winter during season,” Kulak said. “First responders who help us at the horse show, hospital staff and police who look after us all season. We felt Enviro Equine has a great network of people that should join up and provide meals to acknowledge their efforts and express our appreciation of them. Our goal is to provide meals for the sheriff’s office, our two local hospitals and for the first responders who look after us. Any remaining money shall be donated to the Palm Beach Food Bank.”

Silva expressed his gratitude for the effort.

“We appreciate everyone doing their part to stay safe and comply with all COVID- 19 / CDC guidelines and executive orders. This will only make our job easier, as it will free us up to focus on the crime-fighting front, which hasn’t really slowed down,” he said. “We also appreciate the people in the community expressing their support for first responders, and particularly to the healthcare professionals, who are on the front line and truly the heroes in all this. Thank you again Enviro Equine & Pet for your kind gesture in supplying today’s lunch; it will definitely be a morale booster for the troops.”

“As a company, we are firmly committed to the health and well-being of people and animals,” Enviro Equine Marketing Director Angela Brackett said. “My family and I live in Wellington. Plus, many of our partner athletes and clients spend extended time here. Our company believes that it is important to honor those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic in this community. The added benefit is we are able to support local businesses, like Yano’s Italian Deli & Catering, who prepared the wonderful lunches today. We will work with other local restaurants to provide future lunches too.”

Yano’s co-owner Perry Birnbaum was proud to help out.

“My partner, Natalie Meyerowitz, and I were raised to help others. We like to do our part and we believe in that,” Birnbaum said. “During COVID-19, Yano’s has prepared lunches for local hospitals, a firehouse, 50 senior citizens and a pediatric doctor’s office. Wellington and its citizens are important to us and we are happy to help.”

Yano’s Italian Deli and Catering is located at 13833 Wellington Trace, Suite E8, in the Wellington Marketplace.

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