Local Candy Retailer Selling Sweet Treats For Health Heroes

Bulk Candy Store will host a sale to benefit hospital workers and other health-related nonprofits on Saturday, May 9.

On Saturday, May 9, local candy retailer Bulk Candy Store is planning to host a massive sale to benefit hospital workers and other health-related nonprofits.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in the Palm Beach area in one way or another. Whether you know someone who has had the illness, are dealing with lost revenue or are an essential worker on the front lines, you’ve felt the sting personally. But there are few people struggling more than healthcare workers, who are dealing with long hours, packed schedules and strenuous conditions.

Bulk Candy Store is hoping to make a difference.

The Event

Ken Shenkman, owner of Bulk Candy Store, is hosting an event Saturday, May 9 to support healthcare workers. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Bulk Candy Store will be selling boxes that contain a variety of goodies, including five pounds of candy, two tickets for their History of Candy tour and a one-time discount good for 15 percent off your next in-store purchase.

The box, which contains $60 worth of items, will sell for $20 during the event. Portions of the proceeds will be used to provide local hospital workers and local nonprofits (including the local suicide hotline) free Icee treats at their places of employment. Bulk Candy Store has already hosted a similar event at Wellington Regional Medical Center.

Bulk Candy Store will be taking precautions during the event to keep employees and customers safe, including practicing social distancing and offering curbside pickup at the store.

The retail store is located at 235 N. Jog Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33413.

Bulk Candy Store

Bulk Candy Store has been a community staple since 1992. A family-owned and family-run business, Bulk Candy Store sells a wide variety of confectionaries, including new creations and nostalgic, hard-to-find treats.

Due to the pandemic, Bulk Candy Store is currently closed to the public. The 15 percent discount found in the box will be available once the store re-opens.

How To Support Healthcare Workers

By attending Bulk Candy Store’s event and purchasing a box, you’ll be simultaneously supporting local healthcare workers and supporting a local, family-owned business. The five pounds of candy will also be perfect for quarantine and/or Mother’s Day.

If you’re interested in supporting healthcare workers further, there are a number of things you can do, including:

Support measures to provide hospital workers with protective equipment. Nurses are frequently making their own masks from whatever materials are available to them, rather than relying on formal protective equipment.

Donate supplies or food. If you have access to extra masks, protective equipment, or the means to purchase or safely cook food, consider making a donation.

Provide assistance. If you know healthcare workers in your area, consider providing them with assistance in their daily lives. For example, you could volunteer to provide childcare or pick up extra groceries for them.

Give a shoutout on social media. It’s a small gesture, but it only takes a minute and can make someone’s day.

Stay home and practice social distancing. Most importantly, stay home whenever possible, and if you must go out, practice social distancing. You’ve heard this advice many times, but these practices remain the best tools available to slow down the spread of the pandemic. This also means only calling for a doctor and/or visiting a hospital if you truly need the services, reducing the burden on healthcare systems.

Show up this Saturday to demonstrate your support for local hospitals, essential workers and local businesses. Learn more at www.bulkcandystore.com.