Wellington Village Council Returns To Chambers For Meeting

The Wellington Village Council.

The Wellington Village Council returned to its chambers for a meeting on Tuesday, May 26 — the first not held remotely in two months.

 The meeting featured two public hearings with no public comment, and much of the council’s time was spent on appointments of board and committee members.

On the agenda was the first public reading of the ordinance to adopt the Water Supply Facilities’ 10-year plan into Wellington’s Comprehensive Plan.

Planning, Zoning & Building Director Tim Stillings explained that it is a water supply plan to ensure a safe and adequate water supply to the current and future water service area extrapolated out to 2040. “It used a conservative population increase of 1.8 percent per year,” he said.

Adoption of such a plan is required by state statute.

“There is no budget increase associated with this, and it is to make our plan consistent with the state,” Village Manager Paul Schofield said.

Mayor Anne Gerwig thanked village staff for their work on the proposal. “It is an impressive package and a lot of work,” she said.

The measure was approved unanimously.

The village’s updated special magistrate appointment policy and process had its second and final reading and was also approved unanimously.

Village staff pointed out that there were no changes from the first reading of the proposal. The objective of the ordinance is to make re-appointment renewals every two years on a staggered schedule of terms.

“This is an exercise in efficiency,” said Gerwig, touting the fact that renewal will be every two years, as long as the council and magistrate desire to continue.

To create the staggered terms, the first term will be three years. “You don’t want to shorten a term, we extend,” she said.

Regarding the COVID-19 emergency, Schofield recommended that residents visit the village web site at www.wellingtonfl.gov for the latest updates.

Schofield also noted that village staff is working on a drive-in-style fireworks show to be held Saturday, July 4 at the Mall at Wellington Green.

The next meeting of the Wellington Village Council is scheduled for Tuesday, June 9 at the council chambers.