Roundabout Coming To Greenbriar/Ousley Farms Intersection

A rendering of how the intersection will look after the improvements.

A contract for road improvements at the intersection of Greenbriar Blvd. and Ousley Farms Road was approved by the Wellington Village Council on Tuesday, June 23.

The improvements include installing a roundabout at the challenging intersection. The project was awarded to D.S. Eakins Construction Corporation in the amount of $622,143.59.

The intersection has an acute angle of 45 degrees. In addition to the roundabout to alleviate the awkward turn and provide better traffic flow, a multi-use trail and an equestrian trail will run alongside the modified roadway.

The crossroad handles 500 cars per hour in the morning and up to 850 cars per hour in the afternoon drive time. During the equestrian season, many horse trailers need to use the intersection.

Village Manager Paul Schofield said that the project will solve a sight problem with the angle. “It is primarily a safety issue,” he said. “If you are pulling a trailer, it is difficult to maneuver.”

Mayor Anne Gerwig asked if the measure went before Wellington’s Equestrian Preserve Committee. Schofield said that it was not necessary, due to it being a straightforward engineering issue.

“This will solve an awkward turning situation,” Councilman Michael Napoleone said.

Councilman John McGovern noted that money for the project will come from the village’s gas tax revenue.

“This is a great improvement,” he said. “It is a dangerous [situation], especially when there is heavy traffic or at night.”