Argue Secures New ITID Term After Jacobs Withdraws

Indian Trail Improvement District Board President Betty Argue

Incumbent Betty Argue has secured a new four-year term on the Indian Trail Improvement District Board of Supervisors now that former Supervisor Carol Jacobs, who was challenging Argue for Seat 4, has withdrawn from the race.

Meanwhile, Keith Jordano and Richard Heinl are running for Seat 2 to replace Supervisor Tim Sayre, who chose not to seek a new term. That race will be decided during the Nov. 3 general election.

Argue, who currently serves as ITID president, said she looks forward to another term, having recently reviewed a proposed budget plan for fiscal year 2020-21.

“We remain committed to improving our infrastructure, the roads and trying to get external funding sources for our projects, and this budget reflects that,” she said. “I think we have proven that we are able to accomplish a lot efficiently and effectively, and save money while doing the many projects that we’re doing in-house.”

The budget will be finalized at the board’s July 15 meeting.

“The bottom line is that not a lot has really changed in the budget in terms of priorities,” Argue said. “We’re just continuing to make those huge investments in infrastructure improvements.”

She noted that assessments to property owners will remain flat, including in the M-2 Basin, where the board allocated about $200,000 to those units from the district’s general fund rather than raise the assessments. She explained that the district had more money than was needed in the general fund.

“There are improvements that need to be made in the M-2 Basin that have not been made,” Argue said. “They have been recommended by staff for many years. They are at the point that they need to be made. We are using excess reserve funds to do that.”

Argue said she is humbled and grateful that she does not have to run an election campaign and that she will get to serve another four years. “I’m going to remain committed to the promises that I ran on four years ago,” she said. “That was to improve infrastructure, preserve and protect, and give a voice to our community. I will continue to do that.”

She noted that County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay has pledged her support to The Acreage community. “I look forward to working with her over the remaining two years of her term and making things happen for our community,” Argue said.

One of the community concerns is the completion of Acreage Community Park’s southern expansion.

“We expect that to be completed by September,” she said, explaining that the new contractor is still assessing damages to be charged to the former contractor’s bond. “Much of that work that needs to be redone will be a claim against the bond for the performance on the original contractor.”

In the race for Seat 2, Argue is supporting Heinl, an Acreage Landowners’ Association board member.

“I’ve spent quite a bit of time with him discussing the Acreage Neighborhood Plan and land use planning, and he has participated in many of the Indian Trail meetings over the past year,” Argue said. “He’s an equestrian, and he’s lived in the western communities for 25 years.”