Westlake OKs Revised Look, Taco Stands At 7-Eleven Locations

The Westlake entrance sign.

The Westlake City Council approved site plan amendments on Monday, Aug. 10 for both 7-Eleven convenience stores on Seminole Pratt Whitney Road, adding taco preparation and sales as an approved use and changing architectural features.

Planning Consultant Nilsa Zacarias said both stores, 7-Eleven 1.0 opposite Seminole Ridge High School on 1.4 acres near city hall, and 7-Eleven 2.0 south of Seminole Ridge, had been approved previously by the council.

Both stores are proposed to remain the same 4,500 square feet with 16 fuel pumps each and car washes, but taco food services will be added with an outside dining area added to the northern store and indoor dining area at the southern store.

“The floor area is not increasing,” Zacarias said. “The applicant is adding a taco food service that is 10 percent of the store operation as an accessory use.”

The building façade of both stores has been changed with new colors and materials, and grease traps have been added, as well as additional landscaping.

“There is a drastic change with regard to colors and materials of the proposed new building elevation,” she said.

Land Planner Donaldson Hearing, representing both applicants, said both modifications are minor in nature, but with color and architectural enhancements. One store will feature a more modern look, to differentiate the two stores.

“The primary purpose is the modification of the façade, but also the incorporation of a food vendor on the inside of the building,” Hearing said. “They’ve also added a covered terrace on the south side of the building, which will make it a nice venue for people to be able to eat outside.”

The 7-Eleven 1.0 will be painted rust brown with more glass and a higher façade than the conventional white stores with red and green trim, and the outdoor dining terrace will be landscaped to shield diners from the sun.

Hearing noted that Westlake staff had recommended approval of both modifications.

“Otherwise, the site plan remains the same, and the buffers remain the same,” he said, pointing out that the design will be a departure from the design of most 7-Eleven stores. “What is being proposed is very unique and very forward leaning. It is very consistent with the flavor that has been established out in Westlake.”

He said the applicant looks forward to beginning construction as soon as Westlake staff issues permits.

Councilman JohnPaul O’Connor made a motion to approve the modifications, which carried 4-0 with Councilwoman Kara Crump absent.

7-Eleven 2.0, located on 2.48 acres on the northwest corner of Seminole Pratt Whitney Road and yet-to-be constructed Seminole Blvd. West, will be a lighter bone gray color with a more towering façade than the more commonly seen 7-Eleven stores, but the design does not deviate from the previously approved plan.

Hearing said the applicant is eager to start construction as soon as possible.

“This one is a little bit more contemporary,” he said. “We picked up some of the elements that we have at other areas in Westlake, a very nice design, very well landscaped, and still maintain the 7-Eleven brand.”

A motion by O’Connor to approve the amendments also carried 4-0.