Wellington’s Tanya Quickel And Acme Improvement District Honored By FASD

Tanya Quickel accepts the District of the Year award on behalf of the Acme Improvement District.

The Florida Association of Special Districts recently held its quarterly membership meeting in person for the first time since January, adhering to all CDC safety recommendations. Recognitions usually given out at the association’s annual conference, canceled due to pandemic, were awarded at the quarterly meeting.

Wellington’s Director of Administrative & Financial Services Tanya Quickel was honored as Most Valuable Member, while the Acme Improvement District, a special district operated by the Village of Wellington, was honored as District of the Year.

The Most Valuable Member award is presented to a member who, over time, has demonstrated commitment, contribution, leadership and support of the association. Quickel’s dedication to FASD as an executive board member, and most recently as president, is evident to all who have worked with her.

In Wellington, Quickel is charged with managing the village’s annual operating budget and strengthening and aligning administrative and financial functions with Wellington’s core missions. In this role, Quickel oversees a broad range of departments, including finance, purchasing and contracting, budget, information technology and communications.

“From day one, when Tanya assumed the president position, she hit the ground running,” said Pat O’Quinn, superintendent of the Old Plantation Water Control District. “She took her vision for outreach and education for our members to a level that far exceeded anyone’s expectation. More recently, I have enjoyed her clip videos and enjoyed ribbing her on her acting skills, that actually are promising. I am sure she will miss the top leadership role. However, we are lucky to have her continue her FASD service as a past president board member.”

The District of the Year award is presented to a district that works in a team effort to achieve and surpass all priority goals while staying within budget guidelines and meeting and/or exceeding expectations.

The Acme Improvement District was selected as the 2020 District of the Year for its tremendous work to advance operations at Acme and the Village of Wellington. Acme utilizes telemetry technology throughout its service area. It also completes ongoing multi-million-dollar surface water systems repairs and replacement projects through the annual budget process each year. It has implemented drone technology to aid in project planning, design and survey, and redesigned its web site to improve transparency, engagement and outreach.

Acme is an active FASD supporter, providing resources, membership, training and assistance in all areas of the organization.

FASD unifies and strengthens special purpose government through education, the exchange of ideas and active involvement in the legislative process. For more information about FASD, visit www.fasd.com.