Local Author Jillian Rodriguez Releases New Children’s Book

Author Jillian Rodriguez with her new book, I’ll Meet You at the Rainbow.

Up-and-coming author, former preschool teacher and mother of two daughters Jillian Rodriguez has collaborated with illustrator Irina Litvin on her new book, I’ll Meet You at the Rainbow. Rodriguez, a Loxahatchee resident, has created a heartwarming bedtime story for young children that also has educational value.

Inspired by her own experiences as a child with her father, I’ll Meet You at the Rainbow tells an uplifting fantasy adventure that both entertains and intrigues while helping children learn their colors.

“One thing I have always had a soft spot in life for was a good children’s book. I don’t know why, but I truly fall in love with them. Well over this quarantine and with both girls in school full time and having some time to focus, I decided it was the perfect time to write one,” Rodriguez said. “This story I wrote is based off a nighttime saying my dad used to say to me: ‘I’ll meet you at the rainbow, princess.’ It’s something I took and turned into a little story adventure I say to my girls at night. I am so excited about this book. It has such gorgeous and vivid illustrations done by the extremely talented Irina Litvin, who took my visions and brought them to life.”

The book is available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle editions at Amazon.com, where it has been met with enthusiasm, along with Barnes & Noble. Rodriguez intends for it to be the first in a four-book series.

Now a stay-at-home mom, Rodriguez previously worked as a preschool teacher for eight years. She first began studying early childhood education in high school, where she received some of her credentials and was president of the Florida Future Educators of America club. She then went on to get her associates degree and continued studying early childhood education at FAU.

Rodriguez hopes everyone enjoys her book and hopes to write more children’s books in the future. Learn more about the book at www.facebook.com/illmeetyouattherainbow.