Willhite Offers Bill Slot To High School Students

State Rep. Matt Willhite

This year, the Florida House of Representatives agreed to a rule change that expands the number of bills that a state representative is permitted to file from six to seven. With this extra bill slot, State Rep. Matt Willhite (D-District 86) hopes to give high school students the opportunity to turn their ideas into law.

High school students in District 86 are invited to submit their idea, along with why they think their idea will make a great law, to Willhite for consideration.

“I recognize that young people are the future of our state and country. As such, I understand that we need to engage with young adults. In hosting this contest, I want to help start building this bridge to our next generation of leaders. I am offering my seventh bill slot to students and hope this will encourage them to follow the bill along through the legislative process, increasing their understanding of how government works in a meaningful and interactive way,” Willhite said.

In their submissions, students need to answer four questions: What problem does your law address and how does it work to address it? If your idea becomes law, whom will it affect? What type of fiscal impact might your law have on state or local governments? Why will your law make Florida a better place to live, work or play?

High school students in District 86 are encouraged to answer these questions and submit a short presentation to matt.willhite@myfloridahouse.gov before Friday, Dec. 18.