School Counselor Honor For Lisa Hutchins Of Crestwood Middle

School counselor Lisa Hutchins with Crestwood Middle School Principal Stephanie Nance.

Crestwood Middle School’s Lisa Hutchins was recently honored as the 2021 Middle School Counselor of the Year.

Hutchins received a business administration degree from the University of Florida. Ten years later, she wanted to make a difference in the lives of children and pursued a master’s of education degree in mental health counseling.

Hutchins then worked as a therapist specializing in the treatment of children who were victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse. She later transferred these skills and completed an educational specialist degree in school counseling. She has been a school counselor for nine years and absolutely loves her job.

“At Crestwood, the counseling team helps and supports all students, no matter what,” Hutchins said. “We specialize in helping kids.”