Wellington Cares Now Serving 101-Year-Old Martin Denenberg

Martin Denenberg

Wellington Cares has been serving senior residents of Wellington since 2010 and Royal Palm Beach since last year. Participants contact the organization for various services, such as patient advocacy, food and medical items, or accompaniment to various appointments. And some, like 101-year-old Martin Denenberg of Wellington, called just for social visits.

Denenberg, a Brooklyn native, has been coming to South Florida since the 1930s. “We would go to Miami on vacation. I remember when the bridges were wooden,” he said.

From encouragement of his good friends and neighbors, Joyce and Michael Smith, Denenberg called Wellington Cares. “I love living in Wellington and have many hobbies, like walking and making model airplanes and doll houses,” he said. “I just wanted social visits.”

Denenberg is proud of his son, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but they don’t live close enough for daily visits. That’s where Wellington Cares comes in.

“I have had the privilege of meeting Mr. Denenberg,” said Diane Gutman, director of operations for the organization. “As other volunteers have attested, he is a delight to spend time with and brings such joy to our lives. We all look forward to getting to know him better over time and are honored he chose to join Wellington Cares.”

Denenberg takes care of his home and grocery shops by himself. “I love it here and am glad Wellington Cares is here to help when I need them,” he said.

Learn more about Wellington Cares at www.wellingtoncares.org.