Emerald Cove Pre-IT Students Enjoy Live Virtual Field Trips

Students take the virtual field trips from the safety of their classroom.

Pre-IT academy students at Emerald Cove Middle School in Wellington recently had the chance to take part in live virtual field trips.

Online technology has enabled some of the barriers caused by the pandemic to become obsolete. FPL/NextEra Energy’s IT Department and Lockheed Martin aimed to educate students at Emerald Cove Middle School to inform them about various careers, innovativeness, interdisciplinary collaboration and real-world experience.

Students had the opportunity to network with many of the IT professionals and engineers to gain additional knowledge on the many opportunities available both in engineering and technology roles. Both FPL/NextEra Energy and Lockheed Martin created an enriched interactive experience that catered to middle school students of all learning styles and exposed them to diverse perspectives.