Jordan Ray’s Limitless Medical Logs Launches New App Limitless

Limitless Medical Logs recently announced the general availability of Limitless, a first-of-its-kind health management app that works at your fingertips, across all devices, for patients suffering from a chronic illness who feel out of control managing their own health.

Rather than keeping disorganized notes or not tracking anything, Limitless is a tool to help patients be better prepared for doctor’s visits and offers essential features to help individuals keep track of every facet of their symptoms.

Patient Engagement HIT notes that “when patients are fully engaged in their care, they are more likely to maintain treatment plans, track their health and ask their providers questions.” As telehealth grows, face-to-face time with doctors is decreasing, leading to more abrupt appointments. According to the American Medical Association, primary care appointments tend to be scheduled for 15-minute intervals, and hospital physicians may see patients every 11 minutes. This allows patients less time to communicate with doctors, and they may forget to mention symptoms, risking misdiagnosis or leaving issues undetected.

Through navigating her own health journey, Limitless Medical Logs CEO Jordan Ray, a Wellington resident, took the adversity she faced and created Limitless to give individuals the power to become their own health advocate.

Limitless will be partnering with one of the leading pediatric healthcare hospitals in Florida as well as other children’s hospitals, including pediatric cancer nonprofits, such as Sofia’s Hope in Miami. Additionally, Limitless has earned recognition from leading healthcare professionals.

Limitless provides individuals with tools to ensure their voice is heard and that they can communicate with their doctors efficiently. Key features including appointment notes, health summaries, a diary to track details and patterns of day-to-day pain and symptoms, reminders, and human body charts. Limitless will not only make patient lives easier and more organized, but it will further enhance patient-doctor communication.

Limitless strives to empower all individuals to become their own healthcare advocates. Ray understands the overwhelming aspects of a diagnosis. At 17 years old, Ray was a star high school athlete, days away from receiving multiple scholarship offers to play collegiate softball. Everything seemed to be falling into place until she blacked out on the softball field during a routine play. This led to a diagnosis of Chiari Malformation, a possibly deadly condition where brain tissue extends into the spinal cord. This rare diagnosis led to a 10-hour lifechanging brain surgery and the abrupt end of Ray’s dream of playing collegiate softball.

Overwhelmed trying to keep track of her symptoms and organize her questions, Ray developed Limitless Medical Logs in 2018 and continues to redefine modern health management through her endeavor of launching Limitless.

“As an athlete, I was used to being in command of my body. When I got sick, I felt totally out of control of my own health management,” she said. “Keeping track of my symptoms, the information I needed to provide each doctor and the questions I needed to ask at each appointment became overwhelming. I created Limitless to help me do a better job of managing my own health, and once my medical situation stabilized, I quickly realized how much Limitless could help others dealing with chronic illnesses.”

Limitless is available for download in the Apple and Google app stores. For a limited time, Limitless will be available for free, to ensure that every individual has a chance to positively change the way they live with a chronic illness.

Limitless Medical Logs provides individuals suffering from chronic illnesses and other health conditions with an all-in-one paper medical log and new digital app to organize, prepare and manage their health at their fingertips, leading to more productive and efficient doctors’ visits. Learn more at