Wellington Intersection Gets Flashing Yellow Arrow

Palm Beach County’s Traffic Division recently installed new flashing yellow arrow (FYA) traffic signals at the intersection of Greenview Shores Blvd. and Wellington Trace.

The new signals were placed on all four approaches to the intersection, allowing drivers to make left turns in a safer manner.

At FYA signals, drivers must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, and then proceed to make a left turn with caution. They remind motorists to not only watch for a safe gap in opposing traffic, but to also watch for any pedestrians that may be in a conflicting crosswalk. Residents will notice new traffic signs at the intersection indicating “Left Turn Yield on Flashing Yellow Arrow.”

The FYA traffic signal has been used nationwide for more than 10 years, including in more than 100 locations in Florida. Palm Beach County began installing them in 2019.

The new signals provide multiple benefits to motorists and pedestrians. According to national data provided by the Federal Highway Administration, FYA signals can reduce left-turn crashes by as much as 20 percent, keep traffic moving by offering drivers more opportunities to make left turns, and are easier to understand for motorists as to when to make a left turn.