Ultimate Knee Replacement Experience Now Available At Palms West Hospital

Dr. Mamun AlRashid with the new CORI robotics-assisted system.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons estimates that knee replacement surgeries are expected to increase a staggering 180 percent between now and 2030 in the United States. In Palm Beach County alone, an estimated 58,000 people are at high risk for osteoarthritis and may need surgical intervention.

To better meet the increased needs of community residents suffering with chronic knee pain, Palms West Hospital has expanded its robotics program to include the next generation of hand-held robotics platforms, the CORI robotics-assisted system. Functioning as an extension of a surgeon’s skilled hands, the system provides an enhanced level of accuracy and precision-matched knee replacement to feel more like a patient’s own knee.

People often suffer for many years with knee pain, citing procedure fears and recovery time as the biggest concerns with moving forward when surgical treatment becomes necessary. What’s especially troubling for many doctors is the number of patients who are unaware of robotics-assisted procedures and recent advancements that have been made in the field of orthopedics.

“This is the latest and most advanced robotic technology in joint replacement surgery to date. Robotic assisted knee replacement surgery provides a high level of precision and a more customized surgical experience specific to the individual patient’s need,” said Dr. Mamun AlRashid, an orthopedic surgeon and joint reconstruction specialist.

Palms West Hospital is the first hospital in Palm Beach County to be using the CORI surgical system. Although there are many varieties of robotic assistance used for knee replacement surgery, Palms West Hospital’s newly acquired CORI system boasts an innovative approach to knee replacement that can provide patients with a quicker, smoother recovery, allowing them to regain function faster and return home sooner.

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