Wellington 9U All-Stars District Champs

The Village of Wellington’s 9U All-Star baseball team won the All-Star district tournament on May 22. Following the regular Little League recreational season, the top 11 players were chosen to create the team. The team, led by head coach Scott Buser and assistant coach Matt Pazzaglia, traveled to various locations such as Boynton Beach and Boca Raton for the four-game tournament. The Wellington team was untouchable, winning the series 4-0 and only allowing nine runs over the entire series, to be the first Wellington team to win a district title since 2018. The team includes Brayden Buser, Davis Pazzaglia, Tyler Gagnon, Alejandro Lopez, Thomas Mediavilla, Dylan Vasquez, Mason Morales, Ezrha Rodriguez, Sutter Wolfram, Dusty Parfitt and Chase Huber.