Willhite Bills Signed Into Law

State Rep. Matt Willhite

HB 979, a bill that allows the Village of Wellington to prohibit the sale and use of fireworks within the Equestrian Preserve Area, has been signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

After the signing of this bill, State Rep. Matt Willhite (D-District 86), who sponsored the legislation, issued a statement regarding the bill’s importance.

“It is well documented that horses are startled by loud noises. Wellington houses approximately 13,000 highly valuable horses bred to train and compete in various equestrian sports during the season. I am enthusiastic about this bill being signed into law,” Willhite said. “Because of Wellington’s unique circumstances, it is a great accomplishment that the governor signed this bill into law. This legislation is crucial because equestrian sports are not only an economic driver for the Village of Wellington, it also economically benefits Palm Beach County and the entire State of Florida.”

This legislation took effect upon the governor’s signature.

Another Willhite bill was also signed into law by DeSantis recently, SB 262 regarding the dispensing of medicinal drugs.

This legislation authorizes a hospital to offer a discharged patient up to 24 hours or the next business day worth of medication upon discharge. The purpose of this new law is to provide patients with continued treatment without any lost time, helping patients stay pain-free until they can get their prescriptions from the pharmacy.

“This is the third legislative session that I worked on passing this legislation. It is a great accomplishment to see it signed by the governor,” Willhite said. “Now that this legislation is law, busy parents, transportation disadvantaged Floridians or anyone discharged from a hospital late at night or on a holiday weekend will have the option to leave with the medications they need to continue their treatment.”