WRMC Honors Team That Saved Heart Attack Patient

PBCFR’s Michael Redmond, Bailey Laster, Lt. Neil Howe, Jordan Harris, Capt. Dwight Babb and John Julmiste.

Wellington Regional Medical Center held a “Call of the Quarter” celebration Wednesday, June 30 reuniting the EMS and medical teams who came together to save the life of Jordan Harris, a 37-year-old patient who had a heart attack while playing ice hockey. As luck would have it, WRMC Emergency Department Director Dr. Adam Bromberg was also playing in the same building and responded to the call for medical help. Bromberg assisted in resuscitation efforts on scene and activated the WRMC cardiac/STEMI protocols. The patient was treated at the hospital by the ER team, cath lab team, interventional cardiology and cardiologist Dr. Christopher Hawk.