Collaborative New Single ‘Sundance’ Partially Recorded In Wellington

Huff n Puff Records’ singer-songwriter Zeo recently announced the release of her new single “Sundance,” featuring labelmate and Huff n Puff co-founder Nicky Greed, their second collaboration this summer.

Inspired by ditching the rigamarole of working nine-to-five for a life of music, the new record is a passion project featuring Greed and composed by Zeo, with the former writing the verses and hook, while the latter added her signature sound and assisted in production. The upbeat, pop instrumental behind the lyrics was created by Canadian music producer Elliot Ciesta, best known by his musical moniker DJ SHAW-T.

“‘Sundance’ is us paying homage to all the musicians out there who strive to — or have already — left behind the traditional workplace to chase their dreams in music,” Zeo said. “Taking that step as an artist is exciting, but requires a lot of courage, and this song is our way of appreciating that courage.”

Created over the course of two months, the duo’s latest song was recorded in a multitude of locations, with Zeo recording her portions at her home studio in Lake Worth, while Greed recorded his sections at Trillogy Records in Wellington with music engineer Akeim Lindner. Like many of Zeo’s hit singles, the final recording was then sent to Alex Lipshaw, record producer at Snowtree Productions and founding member of the pop-punk band Hey Monday, in Nashville for mastering.

“I consider myself extremely lucky to have an artist like Zeo to help bring our music alive,” Greed said. “While I feel my sound sets the foundation and framework for the song, Zeo builds it up with so much audial aesthetics coming from her unique zeal and style. Every time, we’re left with a mansion of a song.”

Other songs featuring both Zeo and Greed include “I Need You” and “Legend,” as well as their remix of Justin Bieber’s hit single “Yummy.”

In addition to releasing new music, both Zeo and Greed are gearing up to launch their own clothing lines, ZFit and Legend Wolf Pack, respectively. Many of their custom garments can be found in their music videos, and the artists also plan to release merchandise coinciding with the release of “Sundance.” Greed and Zeo are scheduled to perform together at Winterfest 2021, which will be headlined by rapper and actor Vanilla Ice on Dec. 10 at the Wellington Amphitheatre.

Zeo and Greed’s songs, including “Sundance,” are available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and most major platforms. Links to both artists’ individual and collaborative songs and music videos can be found at