Big Dog And Prominence Partner On Senior Program

Everyone knows that a dog is a human’s best friend, but who knew that senior dogs paired with senior citizens offers actual health benefits? A study by the Gerontological Society of America noted that, “Dog walking is not only beneficial for older adults, but it may also be an activity that promotes walking behavior in general.”

Because helping seniors live healthier is the mission of Prominence Health Plan, the company has partnered with Big Dog Ranch Rescue to introduce senior dogs, over seven years old, to Wellington seniors over 65 years old. The rescue organization started a Seniors for Seniors program to address one of the most at-risk categories of canine populations — senior dogs.

The event will be held Tuesday, Oct. 12 from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Wellington Community Center (12150 W. Forest Hill Blvd.).

“Our Seniors for Seniors program has proven to be a win-win on so many levels,” said Amanda Atwater of Big Dog Ranch Rescue. “Any time we can match an older dog with a senior ready to provide a loving home, both find so many benefits, from increased health to more joy every day.”

According to Prominence Florida Director of Sales Staci Martin, this event is one of several the company sponsors to promote healthy living to seniors. “We organize such fun gatherings as laughter therapy workshops, painting classes and more, all with the goal to help seniors enjoy long and healthy lives,” she said.

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