Dinosaur Invasion At The South Florida Fairgrounds Oct. 16-17

This T-Rex is one of more than 50 animatronic dinosaurs on display.

Dinosaur Invasion is stampeding into Florida from Saturday, Oct. 16 through Sunday, Oct. 17 at the South Florida Fairgrounds Expo Center, located at 9067 Southern Blvd.

The attraction, which has had many sold-out events across the U.S. in the past year with its drive-through format, has now converted its business model to a new indoor experience. The show will provide families with an interactive walk-through dinosaur adventure!

The pop-up event offers the opportunity to experience and learn about more than 50 animatronic dinosaurs, up close and personal, from the most famous dinosaurs to the most rare and fascinating ones.

For an enhanced experience, download the free Dinosaur Invasion App available in iOS and Android to learn shocking fun facts and play a trivia game for each dinosaur.

After surviving the tour, guests are greeted by a massive pre-historic playland filled with dinosaur-themed inflatable bounce houses, slides and obstacle courses. Families can pet five different baby dinosaurs, kids can race raptor-shaped ATVs or ride Jurassic Jeeps through their very own personal dinosaur drive-through experience. Concessions and merchandise are available as well.

“The drive-through show was great, but we are so excited to finally offer an interactive walk-through experience where people can get close, take as many pictures as they want and make a day of their dinosaur experience,” owner Troy Diskin said.

Director of Marketing Jim Wojdyla agreed. “As dads of littles ourselves, the main goal is to make the kids not even realize they are learning while having as much fun as possible,” he said.

For tickets and more info., visit www.dinosaurinvasion.com.