Wellington Equestrian Committee Seeks Greater Input Regarding Future Of Local Horse Industry

The Wellington Municipal Complex.

The Wellington Equestrian Preserve Committee held an extended business meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 6 touching on a wide range of topics, but not taking any conclusive action.

One key point that came up several times was that the committee would like to have more input into the future of the local horse industry. Committee Chair Jane Cleveland said that she has been communicating with Mayor Anne Gerwig and other members of the Wellington Village Council, and they have been asking for more input about what equestrian enthusiasts would like to see in the future of Wellington.

“Given that there’s interest on the part of the council about what we would like to see for the horse part of the Wellington community, I think we should be able to collect some good information,” Cleveland said.

Assistant Planning, Zoning & Building Director Michael O’Dell, staff liaison to the committee, said such community conversations should be more hands-on.

“I really think it should be a conversation, not just a poll or a survey,” O’Dell said. “I think it’s a conversation that you have with your constituents. Clearly, there are other challenges coming up.”