Candy Is Coming To Wellington

Film producer and tea expert Candy Tan.

It may not be the kind of candy you got for Halloween, but to foreign film aficionados, this news is even sweeter.

Candy Tan is a film producer from China, and her film Yongan Ballad will be celebrated on Saturday, Nov. 6 at the Movies at Wellington.

Chang Kuan, a famous Chinese rock singer, is nominated for best actor, and Ding Feng, a Chinese composer, has been nominated for best film score by the Wellington Film Festival.

This film, winner of an outstanding television film award from the Fujian Television Artists Association, is about her real-life experience as the first music teacher in her mountain village.

On the same day, Candy will be appearing as the Empress in Gary Davis’ sci-fi thriller 2052: The Truck Driver. Davis’ film starts out with Candy, the Empress, performing a traditional tea ceremony.

Candy is also the founder of 123 Tea, and her mission is to let the entire world know about the best teas, their history and how to get them.