Local Photographer Dannielle Judd Working To Transform The Way Women Over 50 Are Viewed

Images from Dannielle Judd’s 50 Over 50 exhibit.

Celebrate mature women of all shapes, sizes, lifestyles and backgrounds at the “50 Over 50” portrait exhibit created and developed by local photographer Dannielle Judd.

Judd will unveil the results of her year-long body-positivity project on Saturday, Nov. 20 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Live 360 Studio in the Mall at Wellington Green. The portrait showcase will feature portraits of women over 50 years old that she photographed during a “model for a day experience” in her Wellington studio.

Judd’s project stems from her belief that people need to see more images of mature women; women who are confident, joyous and not afraid of their age. The project was born from her philosophy that the more people see images of mature women who are happy, confident and unafraid of aging, the more everyone is encouraged to feel better about themselves at any age.

“As a woman over the age of 50, I wanted to show that women are beautiful at every age. We refuse to disappear into the shadows. During the course of this project, I met many women just now coming into their own, starting new careers, embarking on new adventures and thriving,” Judd said. “It was important to me to capture their strength, their energy and reflect that back to them through their portraits. I needed them to see just how beautiful they are, inside and out.”

Each portrait will be exhibited gallery-style alongside personal stories that Judd collected from each of the women featured in the exhibit. She hopes the younger generation will embrace the wisdom and strength offered.

Although Judd recently finished this 50 Over 50 project, a new project is in development for 2022 with details to be announced soon. Each photo session includes a professional makeover with hair and makeup, and styling from what Judd calls her “Dream Wardrobe Collection” of more than 200 dresses, gowns and accessories for all sizes that her clients can borrow for their photo shoot.

After losing her mother at the age of 15 and having only a handful of pictures, Judd learned to appreciate the value of photographs very early in life. While always loving it, she didn’t really embrace her passion for photography until later, opening her first studio at the age of 50.

From the second you enter Dannielle Judd Photography, you can feel the magical energy of the space. There is a wardrobe that is sure to satisfy any woman’s fashion desire.

Over a soundtrack of feel-good music, Judd and her hair and makeup artist carefully style the client before Judd meticulously directs the client into a wide array of poses. Amid the “pop, pop, pop” of professional strobes firing, Judd quickly puts even the most hesitant “model” at ease.

A longtime resident of Wellington, Judd is active in her community through a variety of local organizations. When not photographing a client, she enjoys the beach, chocolates and time with her family.

To learn more about Dannielle Judd Photography, visit www.danniellejudd.com.