Wellington Middle Schooler Is On A Mission To Give Back

Aiden Edelsberg

While every kid looks forward to summer vacation, there is always the potential for boredom to creep in. This happened to 12-year-old Aiden Edelsberg when he uttered the words “I’m bored” to his mother.

Rossana DiFilippo and her son had no idea how that day would change their perspective and set young Aiden on a path to help others.

Edelsberg thought his mother would come to the rescue with creative ways to keep him entertained.

“Instead, she decided to hop on the internet and show me the most heartbreaking stories about kids who don’t have it quite as good as me. Amazing kids who do not have the privilege to live a healthy life,” he recalled.

“Other kids have it much harder,” DiFilippo said. “So, I started to show him different kids who don’t have a moment during their challenges and illnesses to feel sorry for themselves. He started doing some research on ways that he could help, but many of the ways to help, he was too young to do.”

But Edelsberg did not give up. He was inspired to make a difference and was going to figure out just how to make that goal a reality.

“I am 12, how could I possibly help? That’s when I came across the Make-A-Wish Southern Florida chapter,” Edelsberg said. “I wanted to help change a kid’s life. I want to make them smile. I want a part of making their wish come true.”

Edelsberg is more than halfway to his fundraising goal of $5,000, with the amount being set by Make-A-Wish.

“The average wish costs about $5,000,” DiFilippo explained. “Some kids have wishes for a bike or to see snow, but the majority want to travel, and there are a lot of wishes for Disney.”

What struck the Polo Park sixth grader were the stories of children around his age, not just babies and toddlers. Being able to relate to these youngsters prompted Edelsberg to set his sights on making a local child’s wish come true.

“That he wanted to make a difference didn’t surprise me because he is the kindest soul, but he’s still a kid at the end of the day,” DiFilippo said. “What did surprise me is the sustainability with the commitment [to the fundraiser]. I figured he would move on to the next thing, but he just held on to it.”

A few weeks ago, the campaign “Aiden Maxx Gives Back” launched on the Make-A-Wish Southern Florida site. He has raised $3,000 so far but is working hard to reach the $5,000 goal. He might even have a chance to meet a child impacted directly by his gift.

To support the Aiden Maxx Gives Back campaign, donations can be made online through the 2020-21 Wish Your Way Southern Florida web page, and also by mail with details online.

To reach out directly, or for information on mailing a donation, e-mail aidenmaxxgivesback@gmail.com.

Here is the direct link to donate to the campaign: 2021-22 Wish Your Way Southern Florida: Aiden Edelsberg – Make-A-Wish Foundation