Knights Of Columbus, Project 425 Drive-By Supports Wellington Resident

Knights of Columbus members during the parade.

Wellington resident Ivan Barin, 78, is currently battling an illness at home, joined by his devoted wife Diane and daughter Shelly from Ohio.

On Saturday, Nov. 20, several local organizations staged a drive-by event at the Barin home in the Polo West Estates neighborhood.

The event was organized by members of the Knights of Columbus Council 8419 and Project 425. The parade’s intent was to thank Barin for all his contributions in Palm Beach County over the last 14 years.

The parade was staged at the St. Rita Catholic Church parking lot for the three-mile parade route to Barin’s house. The lead parade vehicle was a Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue ladder truck from Station 20. Next in line were four Project 425 military vehicles loaded with Knights of Columbus council members and family, followed by more than a dozen personal automobiles with St. Rita parishioners and friends of Ivan Barin. One of the SUVs had a couple of service dog trainees in the back seat. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office motorcycle officers managed the intersections for the three-block-long caravan.

Ivan Barin and his family were in their driveway waving to the passing parade of vehicles. The sirens and horns were music to his ears. The parade vehicles then headed back to St. Rita to off-load the passengers.

Although there were periods of rain during the day, it was clear for the drive by, and no one got wet. The prayers for good weather at the parade time must have been heard!