Friends Salute Ivan Barin At St. Rita Service

Knights of Columbus Color Corps members stand on each side of Ivan Barin’s urn.

The Knights of Columbus Color Corps greeted everyone at the St. Rita Catholic Church doors for Ivan Barin’s funeral mass last month. The organist was playing traditional soft organ music, Barin’s favorite. Two Knights of Columbus Color Corps members with sabers drawn stood on each side of Barin’s urn at the alter steps.

Father Mike Parrotta, assisted by Father Mario Castañeda and deacons Jim Meyer and Joseph O’Connell, conducted the mass. Parrotta had great words about Barin, that included his “just one more.” An over-the-top eulogy by Ken Deischer emphasized Barin as one of a kind, with the love of his faith, family, parish, Knights of Columbus and helping others.

With permission from Barin’s wife Diane, Project 425 offered the “last ride” and transported his remains from St. Rita to Our Lady Queen of Peace Cemetery. At the front of the procession were five military vehicles. The M925A2 5-ton carried the urn covered with the American flag in the bed of the open tailgate. Diane Barin rode in a M998 Humvee behind the 5-ton, and the family in another M998 Humvee. Several personal cars of mourners fell in line behind the M35A2 2.5 ton.

Priority One Escort Service did an outstanding job of blocking all the intersections on the busy route to the cemetery. There was a service held in the small outdoor open Chapel of Padre Pio, where Barin was laid to rest. Castañeda conducted the blessings, and Diane Barin placed a special Blessed Rosary, a gift from the late Father Michael Vecchio, to be placed with the urn. The Barin family were presented with an American flag that was in service at 15 of the last Project 425 events. It was the flag that covered Ivan on his “last ride.”

The procession then headed back to the St Rita Parish Hall for a great lunch and celebration of Ivan Barin’s life.


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