New Year Starts Strong For Wrestlers From WHS

The new year began with a great weekend for Wellington High School wrestling. The girls team competed at Palm Beach Gardens, while the varsity boys were in Jensen Beach and the junior varsity boys were at Park Vista. Individual winners among the girls were: Jameson Hannigan, Arianna Oddo and Aurora Guadiana in first; and Emily Tacher in second. Individual winners among the junior varsity boys were: Owen Pawlyk, Robert Stebbins, Roderick Jones and Cameron Gray in first; and Mark Bonfante, Donovan Jobin, Quang Phan, Erik Bishop, Sean Askari, Jayden Roache, Daniel Gonzalez and Erik Luis in second. Individual winners among the varsity boys were: Patrick Jones in first; Cameron Gibson, Sam Marvel, Seth Rhodes and Juan Quintero in third; Jorge Garcia and Mario Trigazis in fifth; and Evan Pena in sixth.