Hate Ends Now Tour Brings ‘Cattle Car Experience’ To Wellington

Evan Levitt and Solly Hess from sponsor Southern NCSY.

The Hate Ends Now Tour, a project of Southern NCSY, brought ShadowLight’s Cattle Car Experience program to the Wellington Amphitheater on Monday, Feb. 7.

The Hate Ends Now Tour features a 360-degree, immersive 3D multimedia experience that takes place inside an exact replica of a cattle car used by the Nazi regime to transport Jews to concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Throughout the day, small groups made their way inside the cattle car to watch the powerful multimedia experience narrated by Holocaust survivors, who shared what it was like to spend days in these cattle cars on their way to the concentration camps.

Hosted by the Village of Wellington, the program was supported by Temple B’nai Jacob, Wellington Pediatrics and Temple Beth Torah.

To learn more about the Hate Ends Now Tour, contact Evan Levitt at levitte@ncsy.org.