LETTER: Paglia Supports McGovern And Nelson

As a longtime resident since moving to Wellington in 1978 and elected to our council in 1998, I have been aware of all village activities and worked hard to create a home in our western communities. Our council election on March 8 is only two weeks away.

I urge our residents to support John McGovern and Tony Nelson. John’s endorsements include the Fraternal Order of Police, the firefighters and paramedics, the Classroom Teachers Association and many more. John and Tony have impeccable records in their businesses and community service. John has helped our village stay focused on education, lower taxes and controlled growth.

I have known Tony Nelson for 35 years when we both found our town as a wonderful place to raise our children and served on our local Boys & Girls Club. Mr. Nelson was our longest-serving president of our local Boys & Girls Club, father of wonderful children who were athletes and went on to colleges to continue their dreams in football programs. He supports veterans as a certified Veterans Administration community care network provider and has mentored men in prison through the Kyrex Prison Ministry.

Tony is a respected businessman who has the Breakers CEO Paul Leone’s endorsement, as well as Dr. Vincent Apicella, founder of Premier Family Health, which is one of our largest healthcare facilities with Tony as his president. Tony is committed to improving medical services for all residents, especially our seniors, make improvements in our marginal housing and neighborhoods of our town. He is committed to maximizing continuing initiatives for our veterans.

Let’s keep our Vice Mayor John McGovern on the council with his experience to keep us moving forward for all. Let’s get Tony Nelson on our council to bring diversity and excellence to his goals, which strongly include children, young families, veterans and seniors. His keen business experience will assist our council with good decisions to keep us moving forward with no conflicts and managed growth. He was instrumental in bringing the first COVID-19 testing site for all the western communities. He will hit the ground running with his outstanding track record. Tony will make a great addition to our council.

Al Paglia, Wellington