The Arc Of Palm Beach County Acquires Seagull Industries And Habilitation Center

The new Arc of Palm Beach County team celebrates the merger.

The Arc of Palm Beach County is joining forces with Seagull Services and the Palm Beach Habilitation Center to create the most comprehensive range of services for people with disabilities in South Florida. The new Arc of Palm Beach County will support nearly 3,500 individuals from birth through their life span.

Over the last year, the board of directors at all three organizations explored the best ways to serve the disability community. The leaders found a need to expand the continuum of care, eliminate barriers for people seeking services, and provide more programs that promote individual independence. Their vision resulted in pooling expertise and resources to offer expanded educational, vocational, residential and social programs for people with developmental disabilities.

“All three organizations share a vision to see the whole person,” said Kimberly McCarten, the Arc’s president and CEO. “Changing the world for the people we serve means supporting their independence, inclusion and acceptance. The expertise of our combined teams and our collective dedication to building a brighter future will allow us to elevate the talents, strengths and contributions of those with disabilities, giving them a voice throughout the community.”

Seagull Services in Riviera Beach and the Palm Beach Habilitation Center in Palm Springs now operate as arms of the Arc, creating a north and south campus for adult services. The Arc’s current headquarters in Riviera Beach will become the children’s education and therapeutic hub, allowing for seamless transitions from preschool through high school.

The addition of a pre-K program will provide an inclusive education for local children — with and without disabilities — creating awareness, tolerance and acceptance at the earliest ages. The north and south campuses will allow the Arc to provide robust and vital programs for adults closer to their home communities, ensuring access to services that foster growth, independence and personal goal achievement. The Arc’s new mental health therapy program will optimize these services, enhancing clients’ ability to live, learn, work and thrive.

“The Arc continuously demonstrates outstanding community leadership and pursues every opportunity to improve lives for people with disabilities,” Board Chair Kurt Gehring said. “The strength of their team and services has enabled them to achieve incredible outcomes for clients that even a pandemic could not stop. The new Arc is poised to foster greater inclusion for the disability community with bold plans for reimagined business engagement, residential living, and the arts and culture. I am proud to serve on the board of an organization with a team that recognizes community needs, creates innovative solutions rooted in their experiences, and successfully turns their collective dreams into realities.”

The three agencies bring more than 165 years of dedication to improving the lives of people with disabilities and supporting their families. The enhanced team includes nearly 300 members with a goal of supporting each person’s quest to live a life of meaning and dignity. Learn more about the Arc of Palm Beach County at