Wellington Planning Board OK With Proposed Amendments In Blue Cypress

The Wellington Municipal Complex.

Wellington’s Planning, Zoning & Adjustment Board recommended approval Wednesday, March 9 of master plan amendments for the Blue Cypress area of the Palm Beach Polo community to modify about 28.25 acres in three pods of the partially completed development.

The amendments propose to modify the unit type in the 28.25-acre pod 65B from zero lot line to single family zero lot line, reduce the number of dwelling units from 140 to 136, decreasing the density from 4.99 dwelling units per acre to 4.82 and transfer 56 units from the 4.63-acre tract B to the 1.42-acre tract G-1 immediately north, leaving 14 units in tract B.

Planning, Zoning & Building Director Tim Stillings said the site has undergone several amendments that have not been updated on the master plan.

The breakdown of the total proposed dwelling units for Blue Cypress is 53 platted units existing or built on lots 11 through 67, three on tract A, 14 on tract B and 66 on tract G-1.

Stillings said that village staff recommends approval of the amendment, adding that Wellington received a letter of support from the property owners’ association.

William Sargent from Kimley-Horn & Associates said the 4.63-acre tract B is vacant but approved for 80 zero-lot-line units, but the proposed use is for 14 single-family lots and to transfer 56 units to the 1.42-acre tract G-1 to the north.

PZA Board Member Ron Herman asked if plans were in place to ensure that the development does not become a nuisance to neighbors.

Sargent said engineers would provide construction plans, including demolition plans that may create a nuisance. Opaque fences will be used.

“Going forward, if there is concern about potential noise or visual complaints, that’s something we can work with village staff on addressing during the permit approval process,” he said.

PZA Board Member John Bowers said he believed the partially developed Blue Cypress is still in control of the developer rather than the property owners’ association.

There were no public comments. Herman made a motion to approve the amendments, which carried unanimously.