Wellington’s Financial Report

The Wellington Village Council received the village’s annual financial report for the year that ended Sept. 30, 2021, at the Tuesday, Feb. 22 council meeting.

Grau & Associates Certified Public Accountants conducted the annual audit and issued an unmodified, clean opinion — the highest opinion possible. An unmodified opinion indicates that the financial statements, in all material respects, fairly present the financial position and the respective changes in the financial position of the Village of Wellington.

This year’s annual report consistently maintains Wellington’s clean, unmodified opinion. CPA Racquel McIntosh discussed the annual report and commended the council and staff for outstanding work to complete the audit during the ongoing challenges of the pandemic.

The annual report contains the village’s audited financial statements and other financial information. It also contains information about the local economy, the structure of Wellington’s government, future financial plans and policies.

Village staff thanked the council for their ongoing support and commitment to responsible fiscal management of residents’ taxes and commended them on maintaining strong financial resources to enable Wellington to remain a great hometown, especially during the multiple challenges of the pandemic and other emergencies.

The latest annual report, along with all financial reports, including the budget, external audit reports and public annual financial reports, are available from the village at www.wellingtonfl.gov.