Wellington Author Publishes Book On ‘Vestiges Of Slavery’

The Vestiges of Slavery: Struggles of the Disadvantaged, a new book by Reginald Murray of Wellington, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co.

The Vestiges of Slavery is a firsthand account of how the practices of slavery affected the descendants of slaves and how socioeconomic political ideals reinforce these practices. Told through the lens of an educator in Florida working with Black and immigrant children, Murray provides an eye-opening look into the disparities between white schools and their practices versus minority schools.

A vital read for educators, parents and the community at large, The Vestiges of Slavery brings to light the reality of the educational system and encourages drastic actions and changes for equal and fair schooling for children.

Murray is an 84-year-old father of seven, grandfather and great-grandfather. He has been married for 58 years. He is a retired educator with an array of work and educational experiences that have allowed him to be insightful when assessing societal problems.

Murray served in the U.S. Army for three years. This service gave him the opportunity to visit several states, as well as Korea. It also gave him a different perspective of the values of those different from himself.

Prior to pursuing his educational career, he worked as a bookkeeper at a historically Black college, Florida Memorial College. This experience helped him to understand the financial concerns college students from economically depressed families encounter.

Murray received his master’s in education degree from Florida Atlantic University. He did further study at Nova University, earning his leadership certification. He was a guidance counselor and coordinator for 20 years and an assistant principal for 15 years.

Being a victim and product of the Jim Crow south, Murray understands how this system has impacted the perpetrators and the perpetrated.

The Vestiges of Slavery is a 48-page paperback with a retail price of $10 (eBook $5).

To buy the book, visit https://bookstore.dorrancepublishing.com/the-vestiges-of-slavery-struggles-of-the-disadvantaged.