Wellington Florist Teams Up With Foundation To Deliver Smiles

Wellington Florist owner J.P. Varvarigos, Terri Kane, Justin Morante, Tom Wenham, Jim Sackett, Carole Browne, Ann and Glenn Brinson, Diane Gutman and Maggie Zeller.

Wellington Florist teamed up with the Wellington Community Foundation and Wellington Cares volunteers to deliver hundreds of smiles to senior citizens across Wellington on Thursday, July 21.

“This has become one of Wellington Florist’s leading charitable projects,” owner J.P. Varvarigos said. “Our team looks forward to this annual event and loves organizing and selecting the most bright and cheerful flowers to create each unique floral arrangement. Teaming up with the Wellington Community Foundation was an easy choice for us, as their entire mission is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals in Wellington — and what a better way than a knock at the front door with a special delivery to brighten up a senior’s day.”

The foundation has long partnered with Wellington Florist on a variety of projects, including “Celebrating Our Seniors,” which annually delivers a beautiful floral arrangement to each participant of the Wellington Cares organization on their birthday.

“When Wellington Florist approached the foundation about spreading smiles during this year’s campaign, we turned to our leading community partner for their assistance,” WCF Chair Tom Wenham said.

Diane Gutman and her Wellington Cares team of volunteers were ready to roll up their sleeves and deliver to all their participants.

“It just warms my heart,” said Gutman, as she recalled watching the smiles grow on their faces as she approached with the flowers. “One senior went on to explain how this was a rough week for her, and this kind gesture really turned it around. This is the reason we all do what we do.”

The foundation also worked with Wellington Regional Medical Center CEO Pam Tahan and her staff to organize and distribute dozens of smile bouquets to seniors who were patients at the hospital during the campaign. When Tahan was approached, her immediate response was, “absolutely, we will make it happen.”

These cheerful arrangements are designed into an iconic yellow mug adorned with the internationally recognized smile emoji and filled with some of the most gorgeous roses, daisies, marigolds and more — each as unique as the senior they were delivered to.

“We’re proud to have such amazing community partners,” WCF Board Member Maggie Zeller said. “Any time there is an opportunity to serve, they all step up.”

For more information about the Wellington Community Foundation, or how you can become involved in future projects, visit www.wellingtoncommunityfoundation.org.