LETTER: Commercialization Of The Equestrian Preserve… Again

I sort of retired from Wellington politics, as things were going nicely, but lo and behold, along comes Mr. [Mark] Bellissimo again for another bite at the apple. So, here I am again.

More commercialization of our equestrian preserve and nearby areas? I thought this had been put to rest by a referendum vote, but now it might be “put into the hands of well-funded stewards” (quoting Mr. Bellissimo) if our council embraces more commercialism despite the people’s voice a resounding nay. Hmmm, and I thought the Equestrian Preserve Committee and the people of Wellington were and are the best “stewards” of development in those environs.

Does anyone really believe that South Shore and/or Lake Worth Road can handle that much more traffic? They are already almost impassable sometimes!

I know one thing: I trust our citizens and the committee over people who will make huge profits on zoning changes and commercialization.

Any council person who votes for this will find a groundswell of citizens who will look elsewhere for representation.

Mr. Bellissimo in the past has threatened to take his marbles elsewhere — “North Carolina” — and I wished him well there, and I still do. Since he has left, almost all infighting has left. It has been peaceful. I well recall his nastiness and insults to our elected leaders and his violating village codes on a regular basis — not an ideal citizen/developer!

Do we really want to go through yet another period of hostility and recriminations with this person? Does he deserve another chance? I think not, it’s mostly about money, not horses.

If the village staff recommends it, it is merely job security (they were not elected) and all I can hope for is that our council is more resident-orientated than developer-oriented, and I have serious doubts in that. We are in deep poo-poo then.

George P. Unger, Wellington