Local Author Stephen Medici Publishes Novel Set In Wellington

Stephen Medici

Have you ever felt like you were living the wrong life? It’s not that your current job, marriage, home or friends don’t make you happy, it’s just that you know this is not what you’re supposed to be doing. You feel like there’s another life out there somewhere that you’re supposed to be living. That’s what happened to Joey Martinez, the main character in Wellington Redemption, the latest novel by author Stephen Medici.

Set primarily in the Wellington area, this fictional account of real-life people takes us inside the world of professional show jumping. When tragedy strikes, Joey does a 180 to transform his life as a Wall Street analyst to become a renowned artist focusing on the sport of show jumping — and his huge success is ultimately his downfall.

Medici, a retired firefighter and Wellington resident, has pledged 100 percent of the royalties from this novel to the Stony Brook Hospital Firefighters Burn Center. The book is available at Amazon.com, both as a paperback and eBook.