RPBHS Dancers Shine At Performance

On Dec. 1, the Royal Palm Beach High School Dance Department, the Wildcat Dancers Dance Team, the RPB Dancers and Elite presented their 17 diverse dance routines as part of the “RPB, We Are Family” performance. The students danced to the best of their ability and technique, masterly dancing in the areas of tap, contemporary, jazz and hip-hop. The audience was in awe as Gianna Nembhard, captain of the Wildcat Dancers Dance Team, took the stage and performed two contemporary solos, “I’m Trying” and “Waltz for Reese,” a song composed by J. Singer for master choreographer Michele Blecher. Other standout routines were: “U Gurl,” a jazz/hip-hop routine performed by the Wildcat Dancers Dance Team; “Rise Up,” a contemporary routine performed by Dance Techniques 1; “Electric Love,” where in the middle of the dance, dancers came off the stage and passed out candy; and a jazz routine performed by Dance Techniques 1, 2, 3 and 4. The show’s finale had the entire cast performing “We Are Family.”